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Who are we

Grapeman Farms is a US headquartered table grape farming company.

Founded in 1974, our vineyards are located in the Southern San Joaquin Valley. We proudly own and operate two state of the art distribution facilities in Bakersfield, California which is where our sales office is located. Our administrative offices are located in Los Angeles, CA.

As the industry evolved over the last 50 years so did Grapeman Farms. Based on the needs of our customers we have developed into a year-round supplier of the finest table grapes grown throughout the Americas. We have sales offices in Philadelphia, PA – Nogales, AZ and Bakersfield, CA to be near the fruit and provide the very best hands-on service to our customers. We have formed a network of partnership growers which enable us to ship fresh table grapes throughout the entire year.

This makes Grapeman Farms one of the few select table grape growers able to maintain supply to their customers all year long.

Supply Calendar


July – January


November – March


December – May


May – July

48 years in business.

We are privileged and proud of the customer base we have developed over the 48 years we have been in business. The majority of our sales are focused on North American national grocer retailers and we regularly do business with 7 out of the top 10 largest retailers in the US.  We also boast of a robust export program to Asia, SE Asia and Oceania, with a particular focus on Japan.

We have grown our business in such a way as to have control over all aspects of the supply chain enabling us to provide our customers with the reliability of supply, consistency of supply and the highest quality all year round. We now operate not only as farmers & packer, but also as importers, exporters and logistics services which enables us to present our customers with the key value proposition of:

Supply 52 weeks a year

Dependability in Quality & Flavour

Consistent Brands & Labels

Highest Food Safety Standard all year round

Our Team

Meet the Grapeman Team

 "Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

Sales Staff

Matthew A. DeCarlo | Chief Executive Officer

Dave Perez | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Antonio Hoces | Director of Sales Operations

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About us

Our Facilities

The cold storage building consists of 124,970 square feet that includes 118,786 square feet of refrigerated area. We do our precooling, packaging, and longer-term storage at this location.  The facility was originally constructed in 2000 with an addition in 2007.

The cold storage can currently hold about 600,000 boxes when full. The cold storage is a good example of a modern facility that is efficient to operate it was purposely designed to allow for minimum movement of product from the time our grapes are received to the time they are put onto delivery trucks.

Food Safety

We are parents as well as farmers.  The foundation of our food safety philosophy is to grow, pack and ship table grapes that we feel comfortable feeding to our own children.  We diligently evaluate all phases of production and distribution to ensure that all measures have been taken to eliminate the risk of foodbourne illness originating from any and all stages of production and distribution.

Every single box that is grown and sold by Grapeman Farms has qualified with a food safety program and traceability audited by third party companies.


Grapeman Farm is committed to responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. It is of paramount importance that we are stewards of our land, natural resources, our human resources and the local communities in which we operate.  This concept touches all aspects of our farming operations by choosing recyclable packing materials, reducing consumption of electricity and implementing alternative farming practices which enables reduced use of agrichemicals.

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