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Flattering statistics on grapes

Nature's Candy - Did you know that...

Table Grapes are the fourth most commonly purchased fruit by American consumers behind Bananas, Apples and Strawberries.  It is the 6th most popular fruit on the planet.  Irrespective of the popularity of table grapes most people see them only as Red, Green & Black. 

In reality there are over 90 different varieties of grapes grown in California each with its own distinct color, shape, texture and flavor profile.  Unknown to most folks outside of the grape industry there has been a genetic revolution over the last 10 years which has yielded a whole new assortment of grapes which offer far superior flavor, size and eating experience.  Also new are “flavored grapes” the best known of which is Cotton Candy Grapes…however there are a multitude of flavored grapes which are completely changing the flavor paradigm.

Grapeman Farms has made a significant investment in transitioning our vineyards to the newer better eating grape varieties and we have done the same in all production Latin America; namely Mexico, Peru and Chile.  We feel this is the future of table grapes and they are so much better we are confident the new varieties will be an impetus to higher consumption.

No matter the season Grapeman Farms delivers quality grapes

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The grapeman vineyards

Driving up north on Interstate 5 or State Route 99 from Los Angeles towards Bakersfield; most folks will see only flat, dusty farmland. However, to a farmer’s eye, the southern San Joaquin Valley is a paradise for farming table grapes.

This is where our vineyards are located, In southern san Joaquin Valley we are privileged to be farming where conditions provide a natural advantage to achieving the best quality most flavorful grapes in the world.

Although southern san Joaquin does not offer the picturesque landscapes of napa valley it does have the perfect hot dry climate, fertile soils and snowmelt water… which are the factors that make it possible to grow California Table Grapes… Nature’s Candy.

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No matter the season Grapeman Farms delivers quality grapes

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Our Varieties

Jack's Salute

Variety Name: IFG Nine
  • Naturally Large with no treatments
  • Mid to late season Harvest
  • Colors Well
  • Good Flavour
  • Firm to Crispy
  • Stores Well
  • Oval to Elongated

Candy Snaps

Variety Name: IFG Twenty-one
  • Very Consistent High Yields
  • Very Early Red
  • Round Oval Berry Shape
  • Mid Size Flame Type
  • Crunchy
  • Strawberry Flavor Open the Flavor Season
  • Natural Color which stays Attractive Pink

Sweet Globe

Variety Name: IFG Ten
  • Mid Season Green Harvest
  • Naturally Large Round to Oval Berry
  • Very Crunchy
  • Low Acidity - Good Flavor
  • Thin Skin
  • High Productivity
  • Excellent Storage Results

Sweet Celebration

Variety Name: IFG 68-175
  • Mid to Late Season Brilliant Red
  • Berry Shape: Oval
  • Naturally Large Berry Size
  • Colors Well
  • Medium Cluster Size
  • High Yields
  • Crispy Texture / Excellent Fruit Quality


Variety Name: Ivory
  • Early Green grape with neutral sweet flavor and high sugar levels. Thin skinned crisp texture with excellent post harvest shelf life Oval shaped with bright green color and Large to Extra Large Berries


Variety Name: Great Green
  • Mid Season Green grape with slight muscat flavor and high sugar levels. Thin skinned very crunch texture with excellent post harvest shelf life. Oval to tear drop shape, light green color with Extra Large Berry Size

autumn king

Variety Name: Autumn King
  • Late Season Green Grape with neutral flavor and medium sugar levels. Moderately crunchy texture with excellent post harvest shelf Oval shaped, light green in color with Jumbo Berry size providing impressive appearance on store shelves


Variety Name: Timco
  • Mid Season Red Variety with Sweet Fruity flavor and very high sugar levels. Meaty texture with thicker skin with very good post harvest shelf life Oval shaped with deep cherry red color. With an Extra Large berry size


Variety Name: Allison
  • Late Season Red Variety with Sweet Neutral Flavor and very high sugar levels. These berries have a very crunchy texture with bright red color. With an Extra Large Berry Size with a round to slightly ellipsoid shape

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